An apparel industry veteran
of design and illustration...
...who knows how to deliver the right results
the first time on press.
Bruce Kittle has been doing graphic design and illustration since 1983. At 18 he jumped head first into the screen printed apparel industry and didn't look back. From the age of 5 he had been drawing cars almost daily, (to the frustration of his teachers), so he naturally gravitated towards the Racing and Automotive markets.
He has had the fortune of doing illustration and design work for national sports and college teams, the music industry, labor unions nationwide, national parks and tourism, and some of the biggest names in racing.
He is also an accomplished videographer, photographer, and musician.
Bruce is currently the owner and director of ScreenArt Studios. ( a graphic design studio that caters to the screen print and apparel industry by providing design, remote art department options, and remote production consulting) 
Bruce has also started T-Skool ( an online mentoring platform to help creatives and screen print professionals achieve better results in their design work and printing skills) 

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